Naturello has its roots in the experience that the Buratti family has accumulated in agricultural cultivation through the activites that, since the beginning of the last century, have been carried out in the flourishing area of the Colli Berici, in Northern Italy.

The first industrial turning point took place in 1954, when Pietro Buratti and other partners founded an important canning industry.

In 1999 Naturello was founded, and over the years the corporate structure was enlarged. The company initially responds to the demand of the industrial market for a fresh vegetable semi-finished products at advantageous prices.

Strengthened by the experience and care in the cultivation and processing of this raw material, they have moved towards the production of one of the most appreciated Italian specialties in the world: Pesto alla Genovese.

Today, Naturello is structured to supply anywhere in the world various recipes of pesto alla genovese, red pesto and other fresh or frozen sauces.