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Mox Solutions has developed and distributed, in collaboration with TemovoSellMore, a platform for all those companies that intend to equip their agents and representatives with a modern software to automate marketing and sales processes. Elegance, simplicity and great attention to usability make training and start-up times in the sales network very short. Creating catalogs is very easy and, to manage orders, all you need to do is touch the iPad screen, scroll your fingers, pinch an image or view the technical data sheet of a product, scroll through prices and discounts on the screen and finally enter the order, to be automatically transmitted to the headquarter.

When entering a sales order you can see how simple the app is to use. Sales agents can use an ipad to collect orders, to show the catalog and to manage their own CRM (for example, record visits and their outcome).

Digitize your sales processes with a cutting edge sales app available on mobile (also in offline mode) or via web.


Sales orders

Placing a sales order is easy and can be done in front of the customer by clicking on the iPad screen and viewing the image of each product entered.

The application is able to manage, starting from the customer and product data synchronized in the device, the acquisition of orders or the revision of pre-existing orders not yet processed by the headquarters. Thanks to the disconnected and local nature of the application, the agent is completely autonomous in the management of order taking and in the evaluation of applicable or non-applicable prices, discounts and promotions, in compliance with the constraints imposed by the company and without the need to have an Internet connection.

But it is not just about entering orders: the app includes a complete CRM system, whose functions allow you to manage the list of prospects, sales opportunities, visits, things to do and the agenda of appointments.


Daily appointments

The native integraiton of appointments and visits from the iPad app with the Apple Calendar allows quick management of visits and equally rapid synchronization with the appointments on the company server. It is possible to set the time of the visits and their priority, so as to see them taking place on an interactive geographical map, in order to minimize the tour to be made and minimize trips and transfers. Planning meetings through a well-organized sales tour will allow you to conclude more deals and in a faster way. And in the office it is easy to be aligned and see the sales pipeline in real time.

Documents and catalog

SellMore shows you the situation of all documents in a window that is extremely easy to consult, thanks to a powerful filter and search system. You will be able to consult offers, sales orders, shipping documents, invoices, credit notes, returns and collections. In the same way, it will be simple and intuitive to browse the interactive catalog, which is based on a system of categories that can be defined during the installation phase of the SellMore system.

Customers and contacts

The registry of client companies is integrated and interacts with the iPad contacts, guaranteeing easy consultation of the personal data and immediate sending of emails or telephone communications from the device to the contact. SellMore has the ability to synchronize with all the archives present in the ERP, including customers, contacts and relationships between them.


Fast entry

From the customer order it is possible to enter a sales line in a simple and natural way: with a search. Just as you search for information on the web using a search engine, you can search for an item in the same way. Start writing in the search box and the system will start offering you all those items that match your search, in an interactive way. The interactive PDF completes the item insertion directly from the image. 

Choose an item and you’re done!

fast entry details

Products and price lists

Products, price lists and discounts are available by synchronizing data from the company ERP via SellMore Sync. The rapid synchronization of orders allows the adjustment of stocks and availability of goods.




Software installation and update


In addition to updating application data, SellMore relies on a distribution system for apps and remote application updates. In this way, the management of the device fleet from a system point of view is simplified, relieving the single agent from installation and setup operations.

Thanks to this feature, the release of new versions or the introduction of new features is simple and controlled exclusively from the central office.


The technology is native to Apple, specifically developed for the iPad without any intermediation of structures that limit functionality and reduce performance.

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